The band Lazarus A.D. is widely known in the heavy rock music industry. They are noted to be highly-spirited individuals who carry the motto “Thrash or Die” and lived by it throughout their career. Most people recognize the band to be quite professional and incredibly creative minds expressing oneself through the art of thrash metal. The band was formed in the spring of 2005 at the Southeastern of Wisconsin. They were formerly known as Lazarus but added the A.D. right after to avoid legal complications. Four spirited young individuals only form the band: Gapen on guitars and vocals, Jeff Paulick to the bass and as the lead vocals also, Alex Lackner playing the guitars, and Ryan Shutler to the drums. Their fans recall them as aggressive and free-spirited persons onstage. Lazarus is always on the experimentation of the right mix between keeping the traditional thrash metal and incorporating new rock metal tempo to keep both oldies and present generation hooked on the music.

The career of Lazarus A.D. embarked on success earlier in their career through their three free demo songs. The members worked so hard and showcased what they got which bear fruits and lead them to their first big break during the summer of 2006. They had the honor to perform at the grand opening day of the well-known ANTHRAX. In January of 2007, the band continued their tour in Midwest and finally started on their first full-length album. The band’s first album “The Onslaught” was released shortly after the group’s hard work under Studio One with Chris Djuricic and James Murphy. Afterward, the band continues their tour to Denver, CO wherein they receive massive positive feedbacks and praises. Soon, Earache Records made an offer to the band for a metal album compilation.

During Spring of 2008, Metal Blade Records made an offer to the band for “The Onslaught” remixed under the creative touch of James Murphy. It was later on released worldwide under Metal Blade. Lazarus A.D. went on their first-ever full US tour in 2009 along with other well-known people in the industry such as Amon Amarth, with metal veterans Goatwhore and Skeletonwitch. However, the band had to cut off and head back during their tour to catch up on San Francisco’s thrash icons event. Lazarus A.D. performed alongside label mates such as hardcore pioneers, Unearth, and Slayer, Rob Zombie, Judas Priest, Megadeth, Hatebreed during their participation at pan’s Loud Park festival 2009.

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