We did our best to put all the information we know from the old and new sources around the web. Here are a quick overview and timeframe of how Lazarus A.D. spent their glorious days basking in their fame for being talented individuals in thrash metal.


This is the year where Lazarus A.D. had their first-ever big break after being formed in 2005. They were given an opportunity to perform as the opening act for Anthrax, an American thrash metal band from the city of New York.


The band released their first-ever full-length album, The Onslaught. Although like any other starting group, they received much disapproval and rejected proposals but then soon one of the songs in their first album was included in a rock metal compilation album under Earache Records. After their album had received overwhelming feedback and awesome reviews, the band had an offer from Metal Blade Records which landed them a contract.


After signing a contract with Metal Blade Records, The Onslaught album was once again re-released. Lazarus A.D. joined a North American tour with Testament and Unearth in May and June 2009. The well-known metal bands toured in cities like Toronto, Montreal, Philadelphia, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco. They also performed alongside Armed of Apocalypse in California. Shortly after, the band headed on the Baptized in Beer Canadian Tour with Bison B.C in July 2009. The watchers noted the event to be intense and a balance of retro and forward-thinking. On November the same year, the band headed on their Ensiferum US tour along with Hypocrisy, Blackguard, and Swashbuckle.


This year, the Kreator North American Tour happened. It was the band’s North American tour comeback who perform along with other talented metal bands such as Kataklysm and Evile. The tour went to 22 cities in North America. The following month the band continued scheduling a North American Retribution Tour with Death Angel and Bonded by Blood.


The band‘s second album, Black Rivers Flow, was released in February 2011 and headed on their North American tour afterward. The band’s last tour was in Europe together with Bonded by Blood. The metal bands performed from early March until the first two days of April 2011. The band’s final release called “The Ultimate Sacrifice” also debuted the same year on Sirius Satellite’s Liquid Metal.


After a ten-year fun and intense tours, Lazarus A.D. was unfortunately disbanded due to the sudden death of their drummer, Ryan Shutler last May 17 in Sacramento California.

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