On the band’s short, glorious journey, they were able to release two incredible masterpieces; The Onslaught released in 2007 and the Black Rivers Flow in 2011. Black Rivers Flow was the band’s last album recorded with their drummer Ryan Shutler after his death of heart attack on May 17, 2015.

The Onslaught (2007)

Released: April 30, 2007

Re-released: 2009 under Metal Blade


  1.     “Last Breath”
  2.    “Thou Shall Not Fear”
  3.    “Damnation for the Weak”
  4.    “Absolute Power”
  5.    “The Onslaught Pt. 1 – Revolution”
  6.    “The Onslaught Pt. 2 – Rebirth”
  7.    “Lust”      Paulick
  8.    “Forged in Blood”
  9.    “Every Word Unheard”
  10.    “Who I Really Am”

Black Rivers Flow (2011)

Released: February 1, 2011

  1.    “American Dreams”
  2.    “The Ultimate Sacrifice”
  3.    “The Strong Prevail”
  4.    “Black Rivers Flow”
  5.    “Casting Forward”
  6.    “Light a City (Up in Smoke)”
  7.    “Through Your Eyes”
  8.    “Beneath the Waves of Hatred”
  9.    “Eternal Vengeance”
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We did our best to put all the information we know from the old and new sources around the web. Here are a quick overview and timeframe of how Lazarus A.D. spent their glorious days basking in their fame for being talented individuals in thrash metal.


This is the year where Lazarus A.D. had their first-ever big break after being formed in 2005. They were given an opportunity to perform as the opening act for Anthrax, an American thrash metal band from the city of New York.


The band released their first-ever full-length album, The Onslaught. Although like any other starting group, they received much disapproval and rejected proposals but then soon one of the songs in their first album was included in a rock metal compilation album under Earache Records. After their album had received overwhelming feedback and awesome reviews, the band had an offer from Metal … Read more

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The band Lazarus A.D. is widely known in the heavy rock music industry. They are noted to be highly-spirited individuals who carry the motto “Thrash or Die” and lived by it throughout their career. Most people recognize the band to be quite professional and incredibly creative minds expressing oneself through the art of thrash metal. The band was formed in the spring of 2005 at the Southeastern of Wisconsin. They were formerly known as Lazarus but added the A.D. right after to avoid legal complications. Four spirited young individuals only form the band: Gapen on guitars and vocals, Jeff Paulick to the bass and as the lead vocals also, Alex Lackner playing the guitars, and Ryan Shutler to the drums. Their fans recall them as aggressive and free-spirited persons onstage. Lazarus is always on the experimentation of the right mix between keeping the traditional thrash metal and incorporating new … Read more

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Extra Rock

Welcome to the fan-made website of Lazarus A.D! This site is dedicated to upbringing the art of heavy metal music genre through showcasing the great talents of each member in Lazarus A.D. The band is known for their amazing skills presenting the thrash metal genre, a subgenre of heavy metal music.

Thrash metal is widely known as an extreme form of music and a more aggressive type than heavy metal. The arrangements of the song and the instruments together have fast beats, low-sounding guitar riffs that are overlaid with a shredding style of lead. It originated from hardcore punk in the early 1980s in the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany. Most instruments used in this genre of music are electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, and vocals. Before we even discussed how heavy rock metal is known to be for weirdos, Lazarus A.D. is a group composed of talented individuals; … Read more

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