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Welcome to the fan-made website of Lazarus A.D! This site is dedicated to upbringing the art of heavy metal music genre through showcasing the great talents of each member in Lazarus A.D. The band is known for their amazing skills presenting the thrash metal genre, a subgenre of heavy metal music.

Thrash metal is widely known as an extreme form of music and a more aggressive type than heavy metal. The arrangements of the song and the instruments together have fast beats, low-sounding guitar riffs that are overlaid with a shredding style of lead. It originated from hardcore punk in the early 1980s in the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany. Most instruments used in this genre of music are electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, and vocals. Before we even discussed how heavy rock metal is known to be for weirdos, Lazarus A.D. is a group composed of talented individuals; Jeff Paulick, Dan Gapen, Alex Lackner, and Ryan Shutler. Both who all worked so hard for the music they are dedicated so much. Although they have been already disbanded after their drummer, Ryan Shutler, died in 2015, many rock metal fans are still looking up to the glory of the band and their masterpiece.

homeimage1Anyhow, even though many people think that heavy rock metal is a form of music to call out or summon evil spirits or music for who knows who, listen here; the University of Westminster in the U.K conducted research on how metal music affects one thinking, in psychological terms, and guess what? They discovered that rock metal fans and people who are into it are sharing a common pattern of personality traits. In their study, participated by a total of 414 participants, whom half of it are college students, listened to a total of 10 songs from heavy rock metal bands and asked them to rate each song. There is also a survey wherein it would determine their big five personality traits, how unique they are, the level of their self-esteem, and attitudes in regards to religion and authority. The results were amazing. It only shows that most fans of rock metal are males who are not comfortable with authority above them and they usually had the urge to be unique and to stand out from the crowd. Rock metal artists and fans are connected to an openness character because heavy metal music is intense and engaging. The research also concludes that this group of people has relatively low self-esteem who mostly depend on rock music to boost self-worth.

However you look at heavy rock metal bands like Lazarus A.D, it’s good to remember that music actually helps. Their music is an inspiration to others. If you have additions to the information presented on this website, please to the contact page.

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